Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tid Bits & Pieces

 I tend to work small most of the time. Not sure why. Could be the reason ATC's are a good way for me to play with ideas. One from latest batch for this month seen above.

Substrate is 2 sheets of tissue paper fused when painted with acrylic and glaze medium. String is embedded between the 2 sheets. When 3 of we artsy types had a play day recently I was taught the tissue paper technique. Wanted to use the paper for something so I cut it up and used the new stencil I posted a bit ago.

 All lined up & ready to go.

The next few posts I will focus on one or 2 small things that have caught my attention or been created recently. That will keep each post a bit shorter. What do you think? Good idea?

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  1. I also love you long posts. Could you share more info re: fusing the substrate? I think I understand but would like to see if what I"m thinking is what's actually involved.


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