Friday, November 4, 2016

"Gorgeous" Pacific NW

Returned a week ago from a visit to the Pacific NW. Portland & Bend. Combo of exploration & to visit son who lives in Bend. The trip was grey, moist & fun! I'm glad we did this in the fall. I  imagine the area is packed in the summer months. Fall is our favorite time to travel.

 The pic above was from our 2 days exploring the falls & trails of the Columbia River Gorge. In a word WOW. Used the tilt shift feature in Instagram. I had no idea Instagram had the cool editing features I happened on while working on this image!

Reentry is tough. Most artists find it so. It can be a struggle to get back in the studio & the swing of creating.
So much inspiration out there. Then it needs to be processed then used or put aside.

Visited Pulp & Deckle while in Portland. A paper maker & illustrator making a go of it as a business. I contacted Jennifer before our trip to set up a meeting as I did not want to miss her studio & to hear her story first hand. She & her husband had just returned from the Dard Hunter conference in Santa Fe. As is usually the case in the paper making world we have several common acquaintances. The business recently bought a food truck they are converting into a mobile paper making studio. The Pulp Mobile, of course. What a brilliant idea!!!

Been at play in the studio with different techniques that have intrigued me. T-shirt yarn attempted and successful. I see a trip to Goodwill for fabric fodder. Some crocheted storage vessels a possible outcome.

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