Monday, November 14, 2016

The Little Things

Begin with a cup of Espresso. That gets things started with something little. Blk/Mkt Coffee is a new discovery for me in my town. Great place to hunker down with the journal, iPad, tid bits, and get your thought together. Their site is a thing of beauty. 

Awhile back I decided I needed a way to attach papers in my journal that remained removable and free of tape or glue. Remember picture corners?  You can find all sorts, sizes, designs, self adhesive, & tutorials out there. Of course I decided to make my own from paper scraps. I have a HUGE bin of paper scraps. I wanted them large.

Templates were made for three different sizes. 

It's a little thing that makes me happy, a way to incorporate ideas I want to reference without cutting it down to fit, or anchored in that spot for eternity. I can choose the best configuration to hold each item.

 Glue stick, PVA or double sided tape all work to adhere them. 

 It's the little things that can make a big difference. Don't you agree?

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