Monday, November 21, 2016

Painiting Fabric

Spent a full day in the studio Thursday. Inspiration showed up and I had a painting frenzy on canvas.  Hardware cloth is one of my favorite surface design tools.

This lovely piece is growing up to be a square fabric box. It was made to hold items of a certain size I wanted to contain. I can see more of these being born in other sizes, maybe some nesting.

These are cut from old mat board scraps. They come in handy to frame what part of a larger piece you want to use in your design.

Flat brass strips in graduated sizes from K&S are used in book binding, but they made my seam allowance measurements so much easier.

 Acrylic paint to do an all over treatment on a larger piece of canvas. Got the fabric wet first so the acrylic acts like water color & bleeds.

To prove you can learn anything on Youtube I investigated how to draw ovals for the base of this vessel. It's in my Pinterest board for circles, which now needs to be changed to circles & ovals apparently. Of course I have made several different sizes.

 Masking tape with sides labeled is a must. I have pinned & sewn wrong sides together more times can I care to admit. See the second picture in this post.

I will post pictures of the finished items. soon. 

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  1. Looks like lots of fun, Linda. We head to Hawaii on Saturday to stay in Roslyn's studio. Watch for photos on Facebook.


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