Saturday, January 16, 2016

Rust is Beautiful

Found a simple recipe for "aging" wood, with a rust solution. There ar lots of them out there if  you look. I had admired the floss collection wrapped on clothes pins here from lil fish studios.

 Awhile back a friend gave me this entire bin of embroidery floss that had been given to her. I was a happy girl! There's a rainbow of colors in there you can't see.
I've had the opportunity to use & share this bounty. However the plastic bags all the floss is stored in bugs me. The clothes pins are much more appealing.

The rust solution is interesting. After a full day of soaking the steel wool in the vinegar the liquid still looked clear. But after taking the wool out and submerging my first batch of clothes pins & a few old wooden thread spools it got very dark.  You can see the difference between the un aged clothes pins & the aged ones. So now I can obcess on wrapping floss around these guys. Do I know how to have fun or what? Now I want to experiment with rusting some metal objects as well as rust on paper. 

 Just a couple photos form the ongoing My Still Sunday class. 

Dark & moody was the name of the game again. Not totally happy with my results, but time was limited this week so I didn't  try as many set ups as some weeks. 

Good skiing continues so I'm happy to spend time on the trails breathing fresh air, getting some light bounce from the snow and getting the kinks out.

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