Friday, April 1, 2016

And so it begins...

Welcome to day 1 of the A to Z challenge.

Lets talk about Artist in Residence programs. Once you know they exist you can find them all over the place. I would love to participate in a program myself some day. My local Glen Arbor Art Association offers a 2 week program each summer.

A co workers brother, Mark Meyer, jump started his budding career as a wonderful landscape artist during his GAAA residency. I attended his talk at the completion of his precious time to just make art.  I suggest you take a look at his recent works. His ability to capture light in nature is fantastic.

  On our trip to Denali National Park in Alaska last summer we saw art pieces done by various artists who had stayed in a little cabin in the park creating their art.
                                                             Wood relief carving
                                                            A quilt depicting the park.
                                           Acrylic painting with words overlayed on the image
                                                                and a book artist!

 Then there is Isle Royale, way up there in Lake Michigan. Mary Brodbeck, the instructor for the Moku Hanga block printing class I took last summer, did a residency on the island. Lake Michigan is her inspiration for many of her stunning prints.

See you tomorrow for the letter B, feels a little like Sesame Street doesn't it?


  1. Ha! Yes. It does feel a bit like Sesame Street!

    Have fun on the A to Z. I'm doing this for the first time. I believe I’m supposed to introduce myself? I’m Julie. A writer and a book blogger. #1628 on the A to Z Challenge. Love your theme. Love your blog title. My theme for the A to Z is Thesaurus Tyrannosaurus. Next time, I’m going to choose a theme that’s easier to spell.

    April is going to be so much fun!

  2. Pinned that art quilt on my Pinterest board.
    I'll be following you on your April journey ~ (No. 114 on the list)

  3. Great!

  4. Beautiful art - I especially love the book art. Wouldn't it be great to spend a year in an Artist in Residence program in some exotic place? Dreams . . . dreams . . . :)

    Oh, these are so stinking clever! I'm REALLY loving this theme!

    Julie Valerie #1613 on the A to Z Challenge list


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