Saturday, April 23, 2016

Time is On My Side

Yes it is... que the sound track.  As I'm feeling a little "pressed for time" I'll keep this one short, or at least slim on pictures. However I couldn't resist this one. Sums it all up.

I could not come up with any other word I wanted to use for T, unless it would be Travel. But that would take up WAY too much time. Maybe next year.

We waste it, save it, squander it, consider it precious, wish we had more of it. Time is our constant companion, but we can't see it. We feel it differently depending on our immediate situation. How interesting.

Time flies, drags, we can't catch it, or really save it so that's a fiction. I'd Albert Einstein to explain this to me.

In my experience when I am in the zone in my studio time passes at a much different rate, you look at the clock and see loads more of it than you thought has gone by.  Then there are days at work that seem to go on forever.

We are currently hosting 2 SERVAS travelers that we are having  "Great Time" with. It's a little like airbnb with a big twist. Check out the link to see how it works.

 I will see you here tomorrow with another rather tough letter in my opinion.

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