Monday, April 4, 2016



I wonder how long I've had these boxes myself? Judging by the hand written name on the making tape of my younger son, who is now 29, must be close to 30 years. The definitely stand the test of time!

Who doesn't have fond memories of crayons? We can all conjure the smell of the open box from Kindergarten and beyond. Right?  In line at the grocery store 2 days ago there was a Mom and cute little boy about 3. There was a bog box of new Crayolas in their cart. I wanted to lean over & tell the little guy he was one lucky dude with a smart Mom.


Grown ups can play with crayons too.  Alisa Burke who I like to follow just had a post about techniques to use with crayons. I had no idea you could use baby oil to smooth & blend crayons.



  1. I have fond memories of taking crayon stubs and melting them down in a soup can then pouring them into waxed egg cartons to make new crayons. I love crayons! Also fun to iron crayon shavings onto paper. Simply lay a piece of parchment paper over the crayon shavings then apply a warm iron. If you spread the thinly shaved crayon particles sporadically across a piece of textured paper - you can create an interesting mock-handmade paper. Great post, Linda!

    Oh, these are so stinking clever! I'm REALLY loving this theme!

    Julie Valerie #1613 - A to Z Challenge list

    1. I'm so glad you are enjoying the posts and they bring back artful memories!

  2. Yes indeed I too love Crayons.. Whenever my mood shifts I take refugee in crayons or pen and paper.. :)


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