Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Here's a great idea. I want one of these in a shop near me so I can go get little pieces of inspiration randomly.
The post even mentions Mary Oliver, a favorite with a calligraphy group I belong to in Kalamazoo MI, the Pendragons.

 Calligraphers rely on Quotes quite a bit for their content. In a work shop with Mike Gold a couple years back, with the above mentioned Pendragons, we worked with "Jabberwocky"  from Alice Through the Looking Glass for our text. The letter artist can focus on creating the letter forms and not think about the words.

               Just a warm up, don't judge. Calligraphy is not one of my strongest suits many times.

I have word documents on my computer where I am constantly pasting new quotes & poetry. I also have a folder of printed copies to take to work shops.

In another class with Annie Cicale we used Roman Capitals to play with spacing, running words together,changes in size and weight of letters.

It all comes down to the joy of sitting down and creating. Words, quotes, poetry all offer good pieces of text to appreciate, play with,  and get inspired by.



  1. I love the little poetry vending machine with 50cent poems on offer!
    That is so cool!
    I'd love one for my classroom - but obviously I'd offer poems for free...and it would be compulsory for the learners to pick one a week!
    Writer In Transit

    1. What a great way to introduce students to poetry! Glad you like the idea.


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