Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hiking the Great Outdoors

Going for a hike seems to always provide a clarity of thought and often inspiration will seep into the stream of consciousness. Is it a cosmic thing? or a physical thing with our brains being freed up?  Artists often talk about being open to what the universe puts in front of us. We just have to be open to it.  Getting out doors acts like a conduit.
All the images in this post are mine from various outdoor adventures near & far. 

The image above is from the Porcupine Mountains in the upper peninsula of Michigan on Lake Superior. Mountains is a bit of a stretch, but it's the best we can do in Michigan for height, however they don't call them "the Great Lakes" for nothing. 

The Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland offered up stark beauty with some intervention by man over hundreds of years. Funny how we have to bring order to what appears as chaos in nature, or in this case define borders of what's mine and what's yours. Funny creatures we humans.

           Patterns, lines, and color in nature are what give us all the fodder we need for creating art.

                          Patterns in the sand look just like the design created when doing shibori.

                                         shibori samples 013

                         We are drawn to water and green. It's good for us is my assumption.

Go take a walk outside, breathe deeply, think, and enjoy. Be inspired to create something.


  1. Great post! I enjoyed the pictures. My soul is beckoning for a walk/hike. Thanks for the reminder! Enjoy the rest of the A to Z Challenge

    1. Hope you got out for that walk! Gets the brain moving very time. Thanks for commenting.


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