Thursday, April 14, 2016


I seem to focus on Mother Nature a lot. She is the one who gives me most of my best ideas.One of her interesting little tid bits is Lichen. The stuff draws me in.

           This is one below of my favorites. Lacy, raised. I can see trying to make a fabric version of this.

I've grabbed several old embroidery books from the library recently with the intent of new designs from nature. For those of you who haven't seen my older post with a flower I did awhile back for a show. I can see the above lichen as a fiber piece.


On a trip to Oregon a couple years ago to visit our son who lives in Bend we did a tree climb 500 feet up with a guide. This stuff was a particular lichen found in the trees there. lettuce wort or something like that.

            Our guide was a fun guy, an arborist. The Pacific Tree Institute is the name if case you are in Eugene Oregon & want an adventure. 

 We got to have lunch in the canopy on the sleeping platforms.

 I dare you to look down.

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  1. I believe that lichen is a partnership between an alga and a that correct? Very interesting.
    Lunch in the canopy? Looks like fun...but daring somebody to look down after the lunch...not a good idea!
    Visiting from the A to Z Challenge.
    Writer In Transit
    Co-host assistant of Team Joyful Brigade


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