Thursday, April 28, 2016

Experimentation is Good

OK, I'm cheating again. eXperiment does not start with X, but there is an X in it, so I say it counts.

I could have gone with X-ray. I work in a medical office, an orthopedic specialty practice, hands to be exact. I'm a medical biller, so xrays are part of my every day world. I have pictures of some nice chunks of metal in my own body that make for interesting stories. Maybe next year in the A to Z challenge. Now I've got you curious, right?

But instead I'm going with a topic more in keeping with my theme of artistic dreams. We recently had a fantastic exhibit at our local museum, Extreme Fibers. The participants were all members of the ISEA

The International Society of Experimental Artists. I like a group that leaves their content completely open! I'm fairly sure this might be a group I need to join.

Kathy Brady is a local artist & a friend who is a member. I love her work which blends clay & hand made paper. I invite you to scroll down and click the thumb nails for a larger view of her pieces.
Dawn Walden's basketry caught my eye. Upon further investigation I found The Friends of the Porkies. This would be the Porcupine Mountains State park in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She is one of their instructors in the park. They have instructors in the park? this is worth checking out. They have an Artist in Residence program? Takes us all the way back to my first A to Z entry.

                        Stitched paper jewelry by Luis Acosta who lives in the Netherlands.

I could go on & on but I'm off on a little road trip to visit friends and see 2 art exhibits.
The Secret Life of Paper of Helen Hiebert's work in Kalamazoo. She definitely has been pressing the envelope (no pun intended) in experimenting with paper her entire career in paper arts.

. Then on to  to see the FAN exhibit at CMU, Central Michigan University.  Fiber Arts Network is another group that promotes experimentation in works in fabric.

I'll be reporting from the road tomorrow for Y.

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