Thursday, April 30, 2020

Making Little Zines


Got this great little book from the Library before the shut down.
So I get to keep it until things reopen. Bonus for me. Lots of ideas:
construction of a zine & how to print an edition.
The hand drawn illustrations are fun.

Zines have been around for decades.  They are usually counter culture.
The 2 links above give some history.

I've been making little zines of my own & have several more ideas.
Lots of creative folks have been making them & posting on Instagram.

 To see a video of the other pages of my first quaranzine during sheltering
in place go HERE to Instagram, the 3rd pane in.
Check out #quaranzine if you dare.
There are a ton of them. Folks getting creative which is great.

I especially like this.  From The Quaranzine.
Each page is this little guy screaming.

 My second zine...

Zine #3 above.

AK Rowling made a little book that can be considered a zine early on in her
Harry Potter explorations. Expected to sell at auction for as much as 150,000 pounds.
That's $186000.

There we have it. The end of this years A to Z Challenge.
Hope you had fun! I did. It's been a great distraction.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Just to be clear, this is not a picture of me. 

Once upon a time I could do this. Still very limber but
 range of motion apparently decreases with age.

I have done yoga, off & on, for most of my adult life. 
As a ballet dancer for years growing up movement, flexibility,
& attention to detail were all part of my existence.
 All these components fit well with Yoga. 

A little background if you are unfamiliar.
The focus on breath & mindfulness help with stress.
Very useful these days.

It has been a struggle of late to be consistent with a daily yoga practice.
It's a goal & I work on it.

Just do it!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Admiration for Tara Axford

I cheat on X if I have to. This is one of those times.

Tara Axford is a mixed media artist who lives in Australia.
I have admired for some time.
  The things found in nature are so different than here. 
Her observations & resulting art strike a cord. 
She collects things on her walks then creates "pocket finds". 
 A stroll through her IG is eye candy.

This is one of her "pocket finds". 
Take a look at her watercolors.

I have a bin of "Natural Items" I use in photographs, 
for stencil ideas, in monoprinting.

I could spend all day arranging still lifes from my box of natural finds.

Almost to the finish line of the A to Z. How is everyone holding up?