Sunday, August 13, 2017

Stencil Mania

Here's one thing of what I've been up to, as well as company, concerts, visiting Chicago to say good bye to older son as he & wife head to London for 2 years. Guess where I'll be visiting. It's been a great summer. With Fall approaching more time in the studio is bound to happen.

Stencils!  Love making my own with card stock. Then embellish journal pages as well use them 
 on painted fabric. There has been quite a bit of that activity. 
The first image as a riff on this line drawing on the left. 

In progress

Finished product.

Then used on studio apron that needed some help covering up an awful graphic.

Plant motif I can use multiple times in one image. Flip, shorten, use a different angle.

These two frames correspond to a quarter page in my journal and an Artist Trading Card size. 

Containing ideas within boxes & frames works well for me.

More on things that make me ponder, inspirational stuff I've run across on the web in the days to come. parting shots of summer things I love. 

Does anyone know what the little black speck in the middle of the Queen Anne's lace is? Is it a male female thing. I've noticed some flowers have it & others don't.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cool City of Cleveland Who Knew?

Took a little trip to Cleveland just for fun. What a great mid sized Midwest city.  We flew ourselves into a small airport within walking distance to downtown, our lodging, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Progressive Field.

First stop was the Morgan Conservancy. A fantastic paper & book art facility. 
I know the director Tom Balbo who gave us a personal tour.  

If you get a chance the R & R Hall of Fame is well worth a visit. 
We spent several hours there & could have spent several more.

Looks like a nice exercise to mimic this lettering in a complete alphabet.

The Cleveland Art Museum is free!

I've been a fan of  Claes Oldenburg since I took an art history class as a freshman in college. His paint tube above & we spotted the huge FREE stamp of his in town on an UBER ride.

Who doesn't love a nice set of chain mail for protection?

I'm a sucker for a nice old door.

Botanical Gardens are something we try to see in the bigger cities we visit. This Lego dragonfly was clever. The hi light was the glass house where they had loads of butterflies including the large iridescent Morphos.

Our Detroit Tigers were in town that week end, we went to game three of the match up. Good thing, we saw them win!!! Progressive field is a beautiful stadium.

The evening weather was perfect for watching a game, drinking beer,
& eating a quesadilla as big as my head. Followed by a waffle cone. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

April Workshop with Pendragons Take Aways

This blind contour drawing of a lily and some yellow flowers with added water color 
& suminagashi on top was my favorite piece from a work shop I attended in April.

The Pendragons is a calligraphy guild I belong to based in Kalamazoo Michigan. Every spring they bring in a well known artist to do a 2-3 day work shop for us. This year is was Sharon Zeugin.

So many ways to write or "create" a word. Lots of exercises where we stretched, 
bounced, or somehow manipulated words & phrases.

A favorite tid bit from the work shop for me was what Sharon referred to as her
  Rorschach rectangles.

 A small rectangle of stamp material, about 2 X 4 inches. Paint water color in lines accross the surface. Place on your paper. You never know what result you will get 
which is the fun & magic of it. 

Fun to break out lots of tools & colors to play with.

Off to my favorite framing store this week. Arnie's in Houghton Lake. There is a stash of art work I've had set aside to frame for quite some time. My two art pals & I are making a pilgrimage to get our stuff done. Then will come the fun of where to put it in the walls.