Monday, January 8, 2018

A Little Something

After the new paint job on the bedroom furniture this needed help. The above is jewelry box my husband has had forever. It just didn't look right. Old brown wood finish. I got permission to have at it with paint layers.

I wish I had taken a before picture, alas there is no before, just the steps below.

First layer was some left over latex paint we had from a former project. 

It took three layers to achieve the look I wanted. Glaze mixed with acrylic paint lets you add layers and partially wipe them off leaving a translucent effect. After the matte blue a dark brown layer was brushed on, made the grain stand out.

  Finally a layer of silver which had a bit of black added to darken. 
Special attention was given to the corners and edges where normal wear would occur.

The treatment was just what the old brown box needed to fit in with the new look of the furniture.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

My New Etsy Shop

It was time to put my fabric boxes & bags out there. After some deliberation I decided to launch an Etsy shop. The leap has been made. I decided on the above image for my icon as most of my images that become stencils are inspired by nature. The name "Fiber and Pigment" was chosen to keep it in line with the blog name. Consistency is good right?

The big idea I want to get across is that I can custom make colors, sizes, shapes and imagery depending on what place in your home a vessel will live. The process engages me. The challenge of getting the color I want, then layering images is what I love.

When you put it out there the vibes start to happen. Two ladies from my Artist Trading Card group have bought and commented on my vessels seen on this blog before the store was live. I humbly request you share a link to the shop with all your friends.

Posts will be made to Instagram with available items. It's one of my favorite platforms. No ads, no unwanted junk. We artists tend to be visual and it delivers. Facebook will be involved as well.



If you have any questions or comments about the shop, my process, or anything you see here let me know.

Friday, December 15, 2017

A New Look

 Time to fill the cold grey days up north with projects. We have had a hand me down bed room furniture set that I couldn't part with. Blonde wood finish. My husband is great at refinishing furniture and was on board to go colorful.

 It started awhile ago with this paint job on an older dresser that was also a hand me down. It had seen 2 other paint colors & 2 other sets of hardware. We like it so much we decided to follow suit with the 4 other pieces, 2 night stands and two dressers, even though the style is completely different.

This is how they looked before the color upgrade.

 Once they were painted it was decided they needed hardware to define the drawers 
 and add a needed element.

This piece is my favorite. They all brighten up the space & unify the pieces in a great way.