Monday, March 20, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017 Theme Reveal How Do You Build an Artful Life?

I'm going to participate again.  I can't resist. It was a blast and a
learning experience last year.  

Today is theme reveal day.


Most of the participants are writers, so I felt compelled to put in my 2 cents as an artist. It's a great way to generate ideas & explore topics I might not otherwise include in the blog.

How Do You Build an Artful Life? 

There you have it. It's a broad topic, but one I feel strongly about & explore almost every day. I will incorporate quotes, links, personal thoughts (probably not unique, but humor me), as well as my own slant on how I try to infuse artful observation and inspiration into my every day existence.  I want to know how others accomplish this as well. We can all learn from each other.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the ride. I would love to hear your feed back, any & all. If you have a thought please post a comment at the bottom. Also feel free to share a link with friends.

"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

Maya Angelou

Friday, March 17, 2017

Annual Valentine (Galentine) Creation

Each year I create my own Valentines for lots of my women friends, also known as Galentines. My way to let them know they are in my thoughts & I appreciate them!

The jump off point this year came from a Christmas card idea from Helen Hiebert's blog.

It took some time to fine tune the design so it would fold well, have a pleasing shape, as well as fit nicely on the Canson Mi-Teintes paper I wanted to use. 

 In a clam shell box making workshop  I learned the brilliance of using Legos for a perfect corner guide. You can butt it up to any surface and have a straight edge or perfect corner to work from. Stuff like that is worth the price of admission.

First I decorated each full sheet with stencils.   The large sheets, 19" X 25", offer so much opportunity for folded structures.

Each Valentine (Galentine) was traced & cut separately. Good way to hone my xacto skills. 

In a few days I will post my Blogging from A to Z  April Challenge reveal. I participated last year and truly enjoyed the process. Stay tuned & follow along

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Impressions of the Turks and Caicos


We spent a day on Grace Bay here on Provo.  When I saw this impromptu gathering of island scarecrows 
I was smitten. Everyone has a creative side. 

Why is it that sights you could see almost anywhere seem more interesting while
 you are traveling? Our eyes are wide open. 


These bikes on Salt Cay in shades turquoise seemed so Caribbean. 


Had a very nice dinner at CoCo Bistro. The setting was stunning! Set in a palm grove with all the trunks 
circled in tube lights. The bright orange red of the buildings and surrounding structures 
was perfect with accents in white. 


Did a day trip by ferry to the North & Middle Caicos islands. Some gorgeous views but mostly vegitation you can't see through. Glad we went but wouldn't recommend the effort. This spot, Mudjin Beach, was the high light. 


As always, a sucker for rust & texture. 


For my calligraphy pals, I found some on our dessert last night. We have been eat in & pack lunches a fair amount here but have done some splurges. There was nothing left of this when we got done with it, so glad I took a picture. 

In 2 days we fly back to Michigan, which has had a dose of warm sunny Spring like weather while we were gone. That 's OK, we like the weather & the water here.