Sunday, April 24, 2016

Going Underground

Not in the way you think. Underground as in roots, water, plants. It 's a bit of a cheat to allow a  discussion on gardening.

It's been a long winter and Spring has finally sprung. People in these parts go a little nutty once the weather breaks. We've been cooped  up way to long. Feeling the sun on our skin and getting dirt under our fingernails is wonderful tonic to erase the lethargy of winter. 

Before we moved to our current location, a condo, we had a large backyard that we turned into an oasis. We were honored to be on the city Garden Walk one summer. 

This beauty is a clematis called Miss Bateman.  She climbed up a light post in our front yard. We recently bought one for our current yard and hope it is as much of a stunner as this one once was.

 Our back yard had many large trees so shade loving plants were a must. Lots of Hosta, Ligularia, Sweet Woodruff.

We designed our own fountain feature that turned out very well. 

The things that spring up from Underground amaze us every year.
 This shot is my screen saver at work. I think it may the favorite of all the pictures I've ever taken. Poppies are brilliant for a short time & another one of those natural things that capture the attention of artists.

We have a much smaller area now to tend, which is fine, a hill out back that we covered with Sweet Woodruff, We brought some of our favorite hostas with us. We keep tweaking what we have now to suit our gardening style. Life in the garden is good.


  1. Holy moly! That's your back garden and home? It's gorgeous! Like a slice of heaven. Well, welcome to the A-Z and thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

    I always admire folks who have a great eye when it comes to gardening. Time, patience (and some money) always pays off.

    I'll be back to see more ;)

    PS: you do know that we have Sunday's 'off' from posting on the A-Z?

    1. Gald you want to come back! It's a departure from my usual topics. Yup we loved that back yard. Husband the tireless worker, me more the designer. I realized after I hit publish it was a day early!

  2. Beautiful pictures of a gorgeous garden. Most of my garden is minimalistic with hardy plants that can survive inquisitive Rottweilers (rhubarbs and cannas are surviving and even blooming). Good luck with the rest of the AtoZchallenge.

  3. Thanks Ronel. Hardy is good, a necessity in most cases. The photo choices on your blog are wonderful.


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