Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tis a Puzzlement

Many years ago in a land far, I took a fabric design class. We had to create a silk screen print with two elements of different colors that overlapped to create a third color.  We also came up with our own letter form for our name and the title.  The title of mine was Enigma.
noun     a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand.

                                                      Sums up life if you ask me.

A recent page from my journal. I crated a small stencil of my  original design as I'd like to use it again.

  1. I still have a fair amount of the fabric, and I still love it. Here is the title & my name. I'm a sucker for geometric designs which shows on my "font" and the piece in general. That hasn't changed.

                                         Here is the fabric itself. The color above is more true. 

     Is anyone else worried about the letter X?


  1. Very nice design - cool you kept the pattern.

    Ah, the awful X, that is the week you see a lot of newbies wash out of the challenge. (No. 112 on the list)

    1. Since I work in the medical field I think I can get it covered. It will be an interesting day!

  2. Sounds like a fun theme. Cool design pattern.
    X? No, I'm not worried about the dreaded X. I actually found some great things to go along with my theme.

    1. Glad you like the design. I'll be watching for your take on "X"


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