Monday, April 18, 2016

O is for Opera

Very recently my husband & I have started attending the live HD New York Met Opera performances that are shown at our local downtown theater. They take up an entire afternoon, but are well worth it. Being able to see them on a big screen with subtitles really helps...I don't speak Italian which is the language of most of the operas. There are also behind the scene interviews with the performers, stage managers, as well supporting characters like puppeteers & set designers. 

Roberto Devereux was yesterdays offering. Being able to look up the synopsis ahead of time makes a huge difference. Costuming is something I can relate to. This production was spectacular. The power of the voices these actors command is amazing. It's nice being a grown up & being able to appreciate these cultural icons.  The stories tend to be tragic, but that's life.

Two weeks a go it was Madama Butterfly, one I had wanted to see, & we were not disappointed.  
I mentioned puppets above. The little boy was so well done, maneuvered by three men draped in black. Fascinating.

I'm so glad I have a partner who is willing to try things outside our normal "box".  I dare you to take a walk on the wild side & try something out of your ordinary.

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