Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I've Done It Now

Call me crazy, but I saw this idea for a daily blog challenge last year, and thought I would like to try it this year.
 So here goes.  My theme will be "Dreams of Art Techniques Invade My Dreams"

Leaves it pretty wide open for what drives me. At the moment there are 1656 other bloggers signed up to participate. Wow! In order to make this happen I will be doing short posts that can work off each other, or sometimes not. It sates the day after tomorrow, I better get cracking on ideas!

Come along for the ride! Poke around on the list to see who else is nuts. Looks like there will be lots to explore and learn from.

1 comment:

  1. Not crazy - it is a blast to discover new blogs and new blog voices.
    Did you say "Art?" ah yes, you hooked me with that one. I'll be visiting to see what you are dreaming about ...
    Pop by for a visit some time (No. 115 on the list)


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