Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Draw Pardner

Drawing is a skill you can develop. So often you hear someone say "Oh I can't draw". I put myself in that category in the past, and truth is, I still do most of the time. Then sometimes I surprise myself. I've taken classes, had inspiring friends, and taken the time to practice. My journal is a safe place to try things out and get that much needed practice.

This post is a good reminder to myself to take up a pencil with the intent of getting something I see on paper.

 I was so taken with this picture in the newspaper I had to take the time to do my version of it.

Meet Hobbs. He belongs to friends in Cincinnati. He can whistle the "Andy of Mayberry" theme song! While visiting them I did this one morning in my journal over coffee.

                                                         From a small picture in a catalog.

A few years back there was a live cam of an eagles nest in our area. I did this sketch and refined it while watching. The bird theme was not intentional.



  1. I drew quite a bit all throughout my childhood - I throw in one of my illustrations from time to time on my blog.
    www.thriftshopcommando.blogspot.com (No. 112 on the list)

  2. Great job! I think I like your version better.


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