Thursday, April 7, 2016

Found Objects

              I have a stash of Found objects from nature that I use in arrangements, then hoard. 

                     This wasps nest is a beauty. The layers make great additions to paper arts. 

                                   Sumac flowers always suck me in, those little red velvet balls.

Then there's spent queens Anne's lace the shape is so graceful, in a grunge sort of way. Seen above & here.
                      All three of the above mentioned items are included in this one shot.

Sea urchin skeletons are beautiful I took great care to get these home in one piece from a Caribbean trip as they are so fragile.

                               Many artists are inspired by nature. I am certainly one of them.



  1. Yes! Love found objects. I collect (or used to - not much anymore) street lace - it is bits of corroded metal that has been flattened by traffic. Lovely stuff - not natural but still organic in feel. And feathers, and funny sticks, and well anything that catches my magpie eye. Lovely photos.
    Jan Morrison, this crazy writing life

    1. Thank you Jan. I'm loving the photography aspect of posting. I popped over to your blog, grat reading ideas and your images are great.


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