Friday, May 31, 2019

Spring 2019 What's in Your Driveway?

I've been back from Paper & Book Intensive for a week. 
This was my fourth time to attend over the past 8 years. 
Lots more on that in the next post.  

When I got home summer activities began in earnest right away,
despite the fact the weather has remained rather chilly.
We hosted a couple from Ontario via the SERVAS organization for 2 nights
I've mentioned this organization in a past post.  

As it happens a couple we met in Alaska 4 years ago on a Kodiak trek to see bears 
(also mentioned in the same post) spontaneously got in touch 
to see if they could visit since they were passing through our  area.  
This is what showed up in our driveway.


A rather spectacular travel camper. 
They are from Berlin hence the German made vehicle. This camper has been their home
 for the past 11 months while they have traveled this continent.

 It was so good to see them again. 
Now we need to plan a trip to Germany to visit them! 

We had the 2 couples plus a dinner already planned with 6 more friends. 
Busy few days. Harriet was a huge help in the kitchen while Merrill & Oliver toured
 Leelanau County with our new Canadian friends to see Sleeping Bear Dunes.

   Meet Oliver & Harriet. 

Check out Oliver's Instagram
He is a wonderful photographer and has been documenting their travels on this platform.  

It will back to artsy stuff next time.


  1. That's quite the rig...we have a 41' fifth wheel in our driveway along with the medium duty Freightliner that pulls it. LOL!

    1. Sounds roomy. I think they have you beat on headroom. Gald you are still around after the A to Z!

  2. My first thought when you asked "What's in your driveway?" was The Wild Thornbury's ComVee! When my youngest two children were children still, it was on a US tour and came to our town. I had to check images, and it was yellow and black, but that's what I thought was in your driveway!

    1. I had never heard of the Thornbury's before. Guess my "kids" are a bit too old for that to have shown up. I had to look it up. Paint job is similar! Glad to see you are still doing your poems.

  3. Linda, everyone should have this in their driveway, even if it's only for a few hours!
    What a great thing to come back to after PBI!

    1. Absolutley! So good to spend time with you. I'm off to a "retreat" for 2 days with art pals. I plan to finish another drum leaf binding from my left overs.

  4. Wow! Impressive "camper"!
    Our driveway holds my boyfriend's 68 Valiant "sculpture" (can't be driven), covered with a tarp.

    1. I would love to see a picture of that! Without the trap. Friends in high school had a valiant. I remember it fondly.


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