Friday, June 21, 2019

Summer Workshops in Four Parts

It's difficult to describe the quirkiness, camaraderie, inspiration 
& beauty of  Paper & Book Intensive
This May was my fourth time at PBI. A repeat offender as one director labeled it. 

Attendees take 3 classes during the 12 days at Ox-Bow. I will do a separate post for each as well as a fourth post for the class I had last week end in Petoskey with the marvelous Christine Mauersberger.

First up was Joseph Lappie. Wood block printer extrodinare and all around great human being. 


Gotta love a well used paint fan as reference material 
to choose a color, for anything!


In his world you use a scroll saw to cut out your wood block 
which then can be used at the art to be hung after you make prints.
The blocks are colored with gouache after you have made the prints you desire. 
Images above are student pieces. The possum! One of my favorites.

Professional pic of the model Joseph brought, being used by him below.

The smaller dremel model. The saw can be removed from the base to be used as a hand tool.

Good tools are so important in wood block. As well as sharpening skills.

My tired gal after carving & coloring. There were lots of books with ideas for those of us who don't have as much confidence in our drawing skills.

We made group prints from our blocks. Fun to make up a story from the result.

Below are Joseph's pieces he brought from his collection. His work is detailed & stunning.

 Next  up Shawn Sheehy, paper engineer and our "Cabinets of Curiosities" class.


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