Friday, March 17, 2017

Annual Valentine (Galentine) Creation

Each year I create my own Valentines for lots of my women friends, also known as Galentines. My way to let them know they are in my thoughts & I appreciate them!

The jump off point this year came from a Christmas card idea from Helen Hiebert's blog.

It took some time to fine tune the design so it would fold well, have a pleasing shape, as well as fit nicely on the Canson Mi-Teintes paper I wanted to use. 

 In a clam shell box making workshop  I learned the brilliance of using Legos for a perfect corner guide. You can butt it up to any surface and have a straight edge or perfect corner to work from. Stuff like that is worth the price of admission.

First I decorated each full sheet with stencils.   The large sheets, 19" X 25", offer so much opportunity for folded structures.

Each Valentine (Galentine) was traced & cut separately. Good way to hone my xacto skills. 

In a few days I will post my Blogging from A to Z  April Challenge reveal. I participated last year and truly enjoyed the process. Stay tuned & follow along

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  1. I love the idea of Galentines!
    I myself am artistically challenged - but i love this idea..& i love DIYs.
    I look forward to visiting you for the AtoZ :) Good Luck!


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