Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer is Good

Where do I begin? I'm going to venture off into summer fun not exactly related to paper, fabric or books in the next few posts, but there is fodder for creativity in everything. So here goes.

Last week end El Galeon sailed into West in Bay in Traverse City. We took the opportunity to go take a tour on board. I did quite a bit of sailing a couple decades ago & seeing this replica of a 14th century ship was exhilarating to me. This was her first time in the Great Lakes. She's sailed 45,000 miles on the ocean so it's about time.

The details really got me. Hand stitched leather covers for the posts!

So much teak and line. Man's ability to come up with simple machines to help him do work is amazing to me. Something to ponder and appreciate in our world driven by technology.

 Volunteers shared lots of knowledge about life on board back in the day. The conditions were awful, so this is not to be romanticized. Bugs, rats, no fresh water, all food salted pickled or smoked. Wine was the beverage of choice

They had one cabin made up like it would have been for an officer. Small and sparse, but better than carving out a space on the deck with the other common folk.

Back to my own home for dinner for 4 on a perfect summer evening.

The hydrangeas are spectacular this year!

Volunteering at the Crooked Tree Art Fair Saturday. Hopefully I can take some photos there of art work of interest.

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