Wednesday, February 22, 2017

There Are So Many Blues Here

All the different blues in the water here are astonishing. True ultra marine blue exists here. 

The wild life we see when we snorkel has been wonderful. 

A group of 4 eagle rays swam right under us today. The link is exactly what we saw. 
I have never been so close to them before to see their gorgeous markings so clearly. 

After a whale watching excursion to Salt Cay a couple days ago we walked the beach in search of treasures. 
This perfectly preserved crab was a great find. I see a sketch of him in my journal in the future. 

We did get in the water to snorkel with these two hump back whales! They didn't let us get too close, but what a thrill. What you see are them on their sides with a pectoral fin in the air. They hung out around us for about a 1/2 hour. We saw others as well.


When I saw this abandoned building on Salt Cay I thought Georgia O'Keeffe would have loved the Caribbean. 
The history of this small island is worth a look. Click the link above. 

We tend to stay on the go when we visit a new destination so time for my journal is limited. Did this sketch on our patio in some free moments. 
My skills are meager, but I have designs on doing more & improving. 


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