Friday, March 18, 2016

Parting Shots

My online photography class with the inspiring Kim Klassen ended a couple weeks ago. So I wanted to share my last few shots from assignments.

I learned so much. The "tension" of having an assignment, a task, a direction, was the most important piece. It makes it easier to grab some stuff, play with the light, and put together a pleasing set up.

What you don't see here is all the time spent gathering tid bits to try in a still life, all the shots just to see what it looks like through a lens, then the before & after of tweaking with VSCO. It's time consuming, but the process is fun & meditative.

I've mentioned how much I love the VSCO app. All three of the shots above were taken with my Canon then sent to my iPhone so I could do the edits in VSCO. I find myself using the app for almost all my pictures now. This last exercise I finally learned about spot metering on my Canon in order to get the right exposure with back lighting. An aha moment for me!


  1. Beautiful, Linda. At first, I wasn't sure what I was looking at. The photos seem most professional and your eye is excellent.

    1. Thanks Mary, glad you are taking a look!


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