Monday, November 30, 2015

White Sunday Photography

My Still Sunday class is proving to be addictive. A person could, and does, spend hours creating a scene, playing with it, shooting, winnowing, editing. Nice activities for cold frosty days.

This weeks lesson was about white, exposure, and paring down the contents. Here are my finished Instagram posts. You can also use the link to the right to see all my posts, or this link will show you lots of phtos from the folks in the class  #mystillsundayclass.

 This is a section of an old lamp which we haven't gotten around to reassembling and adding new electrical guts. May have to play with it some more. I like the design.
                                           This shot & the next were cropped more in Instagram.
 Under the advise of Kim Klassen, our instructor, I loaded the VSCO camera app on my iPhone. After a brief learning curve I am really liking the app. It is like having mini light room editing software on your phone.
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