Friday, November 27, 2015

Post Cards Around the World

It's happened again. Another challenge, of sorts, I couldn't resist. It's called Postcrossing. 

You sign up & get a person in some far off land you send a post card to. The site is rather slick. They send you the info for the person to send your card to. You get an ID# for your card as they are all tracked through the Postcrossing web site. Once you have sent a card & it's logged you will then get a card from some one else.
My first card goes to a young woman in Russia. From the looks of the site there are people who spend a lot of time doing this. Of course I had to use one of my own images of the natural beauty in my area for the front of the card. I printed it on tissue paper then glued it to heavy water color paper. I brushed two layers of matte medium on the surface for protection on it's long journey. I'll let you know how it works once I get a response, or a card from some one else. 

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