Friday, December 4, 2015


I recently found a picture on Pinterest that struck a cord using aluminum duct tape as an art medium. It just so happens my husband had a roll of the stuff in the "man cave". How convenient. Plus there was a roll of the mesh tape used in dry walling I needed for texture. Click the  picture to link to the page.

So here is my leap from that image...

Yup, Cheez-It boxes. I have to admit that I bring home the large boxes from crackers we have in our break room at work. You can make book board with several layers of them glued together, and use them as substrate of all kinds of things. 

Then the madness began. Cutting teeny weeny pieces of the cardboard for the letters I wanted. Then gluing them to the board.

The final result with a simple message.

After bone folding all the parts for the best relief I brushed black acrylic paint over the entire surface then wiped off most of it leaving the aged effect. Time consuming but it got me" in the zone". That's what is seems to be all about. Hoping my ATC group enjoys them.

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