Thursday, November 5, 2015

Photo Challenge

An aside today about an online class I decided on a whim to take on.  I've been following a photographer, Kim Klassen for awhile. I find her images soothing and they tend to tell a story.  The name of her class is "My Still Sunday". Every Sunday for 16 weeks we are to create a still life. Something I'm drawn to and do on a daily basis in some form or another already. To be offered prompts, a forum to post to (Instagram), tips, and seeing what others come up with sounded inspiring to me. Maybe you'd like to check it out and join up?

                               Mother nature did this one on her own, but I found it striking.
        She provided the flowers, I set up the rest. Not terribly interesting, but you get the idea of the every day appeal of looking for something beautiful or interesting to put together. 

I found my self thinking about "stuff" I have around the house that would work well for interesting items in the up coming weeks.

I will look forward to sharing what I learn & come up with. 

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