Sunday, May 7, 2017

Spring In & Out of the Studio

My husband has made a big improvement to our deck. It's been expanded and a new railing almost done that opens it up to the swath of woods out back. Sigh. Love it!

All that's left is to mount the wood top rail & run horizontal wires through the posts. 

We wait so long for Spring in Northern Michigan. You want to soak up every ray of sun you can when the weather warms. 

On to the studio. More fabric painting & boxes. 

First step getting layers of color & design on the canvas. 

Cutting the painted fabric for sewing.


This is my approach now with these boxes.
 Sew  a contrasting fabric around the stiff Pelon so the edges are fully covered.

Then sew the cover fabric to the covered Pelon.

I'm off on a short trip with girlfriends to Denver. 
Hoping to post inspiration I find in my travels.

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  1. Your fabric painting looks wonderful - I hope we'll see some photos of the finished box? As for your deck and rail, what a star that husband of yours is! Have a lovely week :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace


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