Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Reflections on the April A to Z Challenge

Time for me to share my "Reflections" on the A to Z Challenge from 2017. 

It came at a very busy time for me, but when I set a goal for myself I seem to make it happen. 
The  Alphabet  is a great starting point. I always keep an ongoing list of thoughts & topics, 
even when there is no challenge to push me. I'm set for the next several years of the challenge. Made it through with no missed posts,enjoying it the entire month. 

Some folks didn't like the fact there was no list of participants this year. I was fine with the new arrangement.  I created a copy of the link we needed to share our posts on the Blogging from A to Z site in a word document. It was easy to share my post each day by copying & pasting while I had my post up in another window.  I received many more comments this year as opposed to last. I also worked at commenting on more blogs myself. It was fairly easy to find other participants at the A to Z site linked above. Posting to Facebook is a great way to generate more viewers in my experience.

Some of my favorites from this year:

Mail Adventures    Lots of fun artsy envelopes.

Envelope 100   Another snail mail inspired blog. 

My Virtual Vineyard   One woman's daily musings. 

Black and White  Great images of print makers work.

Reel Focus  The theme was food in film. Fun posts!

My Life in Retirement   As I retired during April I had to see what this gal had to say. Theme: travel.

Sara C. Snider   Magical & Medicinal Herbs, her theme, so interesting & well done.

 There were many more.  My hat is off to all of you who took this on & made it all the way through.

During the challenge the most popular 3 posts of mine were:

Oblique Strategies

Lettering Arts


My most popular post of all time is Gorgeous Pacific North West.

I arrived back home a few days ago from a trip to Denver with college room mates.
 The Denver Botanical Gardens were wonderful. They have several Alexander Calder works on loan from the Smithsonian. The 2 images above are different views of the same piece.
Cause for "reflection".


  1. Congratulations on finishing the challenge. I find have a set letter makes it easier in some ways to blog. I also find it gives me a creative jolt. Donna from Girl Who Reads

  2. There is a reason it is called a challenge, but you were certainly up to the task. I enjoyed your posts, even when I didn't make a comment. Now I am wondering why I didn't visit the gardens when I was in Denver.

  3. I really enjoyed your posts and I used Calder's mobiles as part of my art teaching linking with maths in primary classrooms - so nice to see other pieces in your photos :)
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace


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