Thursday, May 25, 2017

Spring Musings

It's finally Spring, some days.  Still not shorts weather. 

Since the A to Z Challenge ended my posts have dropped off. 

The trip to Denver, work, and general activity have taken precedent.  
My plan going forward is to post 2 times per week with shorter ideas from the studio,
nature, as well as general artistic tid bits that cross my path.

 I have three pieces that will be in a 15 day long event in 
Elk Rapids June 10-25. Stay tuned for more on that.

While driving on the express way a couple weeks ago I noticed the perspective of the clouds.
Decided to do a quick sketch later to catch what I saw in my travel journal.

These are my May offerings for our ATC group in progress. 

 The finished product that just went out in the mail.

Scraps of hand painted fabric stitched, then a bit of stencil with acrylic paint added.

I've done several more embossed cards recently. More on that next up.


  1. I well remember the days of going to art shows all over the state. Now I have a house full of art works and am overwhelmed by the thought of trying to dispose of them. My kids have no interest in much of what I have.

    1. That's a tough situation. I have 2 sons who I'm sure have little interest in my "treasures". I am the beneficiary for my art friend who got me into paper making. I get to go through & disperse her art trove some day. Might not be a bad idea to have some one like that in our back pockets?


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