Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Time for Sharring

I really enjoyed the A to Z Challenge. Ran into loads of interesting people & their blogs. My in box has grown from the one's I've chosen to follow.  So in order to spread the news I will share a few of my favorites over the next couple posts so you can take a peek for yourself. I was a little surprised that there weren't more visual artists involved, the vast majority were writers.

Melanie Schulz  Melanie Schulz decided to do  flash fiction posts for the month. They are very engaging and a little eerie. Leave me asking what happens next?!!! They are in YouTube and worth the couple minutes needed to watch one. Her blog is here.

At the very end I ran across this blog, Counterweight Press. A letter press owner figuring it out as he goes along.  I really want to meet him & see his process and "meet the press". He happens to also be in Michigan. Who knew?  This is a picture of the type of press he owns. Not his in particular.

I am off to PBI, Paper & Book Intensive, in 2 weeks for 3 classes over a 10 day period. This will be my third time at PBI. Paper & book geeks at summer camp. It's a fantastic gig. So look for post during & after.  I'll introduce you to the instructors and the beauty of the location on Lake Michigan.

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