Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fiber Art Visitations & Musings

With the A to Z challenge over I have to find a new rhythm for blogging. There have been many posts by others who relate the same sentiment. My goal is for at least twice a week. Hopefully you will stick with me.

I recently traveled to visit friends and art exhibits in lower Michigan. Helen Hiebert's at the Kalamazoo Book Arts center. She does wonderful things with the penchant thin abaca has for shrinkage.

 I was so happy to see these little flowers in person. I've looked at them in publications & online but enjoy sticking my nose into the finer details. The supports for the "petals" are what looks like a cotton cord.

Helen's other specialty is water marks. It's like the "brand" on a piece of paper. A disturbance is created on a paper mold so less fiber settles in that are and you get this lovely translucent "mark".  There are some amazing examples of water marks in history. I'd like to fire up a couple vats of paper pulp this summer & play around with some of my own.

The other exhibit was in Mt. Pleasant at the library on the campus of CMU (Central Michigan University).
FAN (Fiber Arts Network) of Michigan displayed some wonderful items. First one by Anne Kowaleski who I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know a bit.

         There were several pieces by Delores Slowinski. The link takes you to an article that has lots of images of her other stitched art that is very different from the above.
                I have a thing for art dolls & these beauties by Jennifer Gould had me enthralled.

Enjoy the shows. I'll be back soon. Off to PBI in5 days & I can't wait!!! I'll have lots to share.

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