Friday, May 13, 2016

Many Thanks

It's been a very busy Spring with multiple opportunities to meet with friends old & new. Just to be clear I am not saying any of my friends (or I) are old. To rephrase, long time friends.

I pulled out the embossing letters i created awhile ago & did some thank you notes for friends who hosted me on my mini travels a couple weeks ago.

I added the water color first. Then did the embossing with my light pad. Love that thing.  

 This is most of the cut outs for the letters. The fun is mixing & matching.

 The light pad mentioned above. Beats the old light boxes by a mile.

Just about ready to head out to PBI in 2 days. There is always the worry, am I taking enough? Am I taking too much? Since I am driving I can put more in my car than I need which is a bonus. The weather in Michigan this time of year can be ANYTHING. So packing for summer & winter just in case is warranted. I will be making paper & I refuse to be cold so have packed appropriately for an artic trek, plus rubber boots. 
 I'll mention here my love of packing cubes. Seen in the lower part of the picture. They come in all sorts of sizes & colors, & they make packing for a long trip, where you are moving from place to place, so much easier. My husband & I can pack in one big duffle and know what belongs to whom. Plus your clothes don't get wrinkled because they are contained. We stay in a dorm type setting for PBI with no closets so they are great for keeping things organized for an extended stay.

I hope to be posting from PBI. Wifi there is a little wonky, but watch for me! I'll be the one with the smile on my face.

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