Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer is On!

Taking a moment to breathe between Intensive Art gig, return to everyday work (fighting with insurance companies for patients & my doctors), and full on summer in Traverse City. So just a couple pictures of what paper makers do on a fine summer day, and a little nature. 

During the paper making workshop at PBI here we are beating the crap out of  Hanji fiber. Known as Kozo in Japanese. It's a long hard process to get the fibers to a fine feathery state for paper making.

We also made "bark lace". A beautiful way to use the bark of the plant after it's been cooked and the bast removed to make paper fiber.  More on what else we did later. Stay tuned!

 Loving my park down the block now that the weather has turned nice. 
                                              Lake Michigan is just over the hill to the right.

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