Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

I'm not much for New Years Resolutions. I'm always trying to set goals and do new things and evolve. But this year feels a bit different. Maybe it's because the snow arrived with the new year. Getting out & skiing makes me feel new.
Amazing what can happen overnight. I got myself out there 3 days in a row. A little sore, but I started slow so it's not too bad. Hope to get out again tomorrow & we got some nice new snow last night.  

This is what my local park where I walk looked like 5 days ago.

With the increased daylight and my new energy from being out doors I've gotten myself into the studio more. Have wanted to play around with collagraphs for awhile. Got out the cardboard and began.  Also a little calligraphy practice, like the splat of gouache in the middle? That's what journals are for!

 Tried several different papers. The first run I smeared acrylic on the collagraphs to see what I'd get and decide where the three images should land. These will be for my January ATC swap. Then I moved on to the printers ink for the full 3 step printing. I'll post the progress tomorrow.
 Enjoyed playing with more designs and got them in my journal for future use.

I'm curious to hear what New year's resolutions or changes you are contemplating and what art you are doing. 

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  1. Linda, I read your blogs and enjoyed your writing and the pictures - the stills are so well done. Our Interlochen teacher, Philip, has helped me a little with mine. I'm looking forward to the learning process in photography, so could include good pictures within my own blog. Nice going. We love Traverse City and can only imagine the inspiration you receive from that part of Michigan. Blog on!


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