Monday, September 26, 2016

Tacket Book in the Works

 Got a bug to make a Tacket bound book. Very old structure from the 2nd century. The threads on the spine can be snipped to change or replace the pages. Still has practical use.
This is a little Tacket book that was my first, learned in a class a few years back. All hand made paper. About 5" X 6" finished size closed.

 Each signature (Signatures are two or more sheets of paper stacked and folded as a group.)  is sewn into the spine separately, which creates the interesting exterior look.

The little support piece on the inside where each signature is attached is another nice visual element.

For the cover I'm using 2 papers I made using my Gelli Plate. More on that in a later post. Fused them together with EZ Steam fusible web.  Gotta say I love the stuff, Works great for paper as well as fabric.

                       Lots of measuring, templates, cutting of pages, labeling, hole punching ensued.

 Here are the 3 signatures, 5 folios each, making 20 pages to a signature in my book.

                  Plus a little practice on wrapping the thread that attaches the signatures to the cover.  It's  wrapped pulled snug then knotted at both ends. An extra layer of paper is added to the spine for added support of the stitching. 

The cover cut, spine folded, waiting for the support piece to be glued.
By the way I love my hand made weights. They come in handy for so many book binding tasks. I'll post pictures of the finished book when completed. 

Happy Monday!


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