Monday, September 5, 2016

A Stitch in Time

I'm back to my obsession with Rust. Time to create a batch of ATCs so I decided to play with shibori style fabric dying with rusty objects I found in the man cave. Wrapped and tied the little tid bits then submerged them in the rust solution recipe seen in a previous post, see featured post link to the left. Above is the fabric with no embellishments and a couple of the items I used for the rust.

I went through my stash of stencils & tried a few out to see what I wanted to use to spice up the piece using Shiva Paintstiks. One of my favorite supplies.


 This is the entire piece with embroidery that accents the imagery as it stands now.  I'm really enjoying getting back to my textile roots and disappearing into the details of enhancing with thread.  A few close ups below.

We'll have to get back to Calligraphy practice later. I tend to jump around a bit in my endeavors.


  1. Love this!
    How do you make the rust solution or do the objects themselves make it?
    Am putting together 3 books right now of moon prints I made. Just got some type set will begin photographing some of the work in progress tomorrow. This is because an artist here photographs her work as she does it and then puts it together in a book to document her process. Thought this was a brilliant idea.

  2. Hi Mary, Rust is great stuff. I'm sending you some info via email.


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