Sunday, October 2, 2016

Tacket Book Reveal

 Done!  Now I've gotten my feet wet again with this structure there will be a series of them as I enjoy the process & it's a good way to put the new Gelli prints to good use. More pictures of the book process next time.

I took a Gelli Plate printing class with the Pendragons 2 weeks ago. The Pendragons are a fantastic group of calligraphers. I'm a member, but I'm an infant compared to them in the lettering arts. The link above is to our Facebook page. About 6 posts down there are a bunch of pictures from our play day with the Gelli Plates.
Lorrie Granger Adbo  was our instructor. A very fun spontaneous messy day.

A few examples of the results.

Old book pages end up being a great substrate for the prints.

Me posing for a photo op for the Facebook page.while unpacking for the day. 

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  1. Did you print the paper of the tacket book, too?
    Lovely, as always.


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