Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Monoprinting with Georgia Deal at PBI

Already seems like ages ago PBI was my existence. Back to reality. But summer in Traverse City is proving to be a good one this year.

My other class during session one of PBI was a monoprinting class with Georgia Deal. I have admired her work since I saw an exhibit while at a Friends of Dard Hunter conference in Washington DC several years ago. In our class with Georgia we learned some great techniques using plexiglass "plates" as a base to run multiple color layers of ink through an etching press.


         Below is my first attempt with Queen Anne's Lace flowers, string, and some seed pods I brought.

           So much fodder out there to try as pressure prints. Plants, netting, bubble wrap, you name it.

We spent hours manipulated stencils, adding layers of color, doing reduction prints. 
 Later we learned how to do transfers from xerox (toner) copies. Gum arabic is used to get the toner to attach to the ink we rolled onto the copy. Lots of ink applications and wiping with water before it's ready to run through the press.The results were striking, especially in combination with other layers.

The gloves above wre the demo, the print below one of mine over top of a previous run with a pressure print.
I decided to use a sketch I had of a large fish.

Here he is after a few layers of color
& after about 8 layers. The colors in these pictures aren't great, but you get the idea. It definitely took quite a bit of time to create each layer.

Georgia was a delight as an instructor, and a classmate in the next session. I truly enjoyed her company.

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