Thursday, February 25, 2016

Best Stuff Ever

It's been awhile since I've made this indispensable ...condiment?  For lack of a better description. A couple years ago while visiting son & daughter in law in Chicago we had the TV on & an episode of some cooking show with Rick Bayless, Chicago Chef, came on. They talked about this recipe. His Garlic MoJo.

Today was the day I decided to make a batch. 
It takes a little time to peel all the cloves of garlic. But you end up with this liquid gold "stuff" that makes the whole house smell wonderful. Then you get to lick the masher & the bowl you made it in if you are so inclined, and in this house we are! The salt & the lime are perfect. You can use the oil to make your own salad dressing and the yummy garlic mush is wonderful in or on almost anything.

Give it a try, and I dare you not to be licking your fingers & the vessel you roasted it in when it's done.


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