Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Home Stretch

Had a beautiful day for a long boat ride Tuesday . The Kenai Fijords tour was excellent, which is what we had heard. Got to see several glaciers up close, puffins, sea lions, & lots of whales!  A couple pods of orcas, fin whales and a hump back put on a show with a breach included!!!  Spectacular. Up close with lots of blue ice. The captain did a great job of imparting information on all sorts of historical and biological facts. 

Went to the Sea Life Center here in Seward yesterday. Good for an afternoon.  Funded compliments of the BP oil spill.ngotmto see some birds and sea mammals up close. Seems to be a good research facility.
 Walked the dock before and after dinner last night. This picture sums up Alaska tourism in my opinion. 

For our last full day in Alaska, yup, hard to believe, we plan to hike at exit glacier. The past 3 days have been sunny which has made everything enjoyable. Had flip flops on again yesterday for the first time since day 1 on Kodiak Island. 

One more post tomorrow before the return home I think.  Thanks for following along! 

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