Saturday, August 8, 2015

Back in Kodiak

We had an amazing experience in Uyak Bay with Harry & Brigid of Kodiak Treks. Our trek mates were a sweet special family from Germany. Oliver, Harriet, and Leeloo, their 12 year old daughter. Absolutely delightful people.

Our fabulous weather turned to rain for the two days we were camping. Figures. But modern waterproof clothing is miraculous. Saw many bears from far off, then the last chance on day 3 we came upon a sleeping male in the thick brush who we woke up. Saw him at a distance of about 15 feet through the vegetation. No kidding. 

Back in Kodiak, weather back to gorgeous.  We will hike today and see a small museum dedicated to local heritage. Learned tons from Brigid about the Alutiiq people. 

Tomorrow we fly back to Anchorage to get the RV.  The next phase of vacation will be totally different. Feels like we've been gone forever already. 

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