Sunday, June 21, 2015

Laziness in Summer

I keep running across a recurring theme lately. On the radio, in articles, in conversations with friends, the topic of laziness, also known as down time, time off, unplugging, "just sitting and letting your feet hang over the edge", the list goes on. How did our lives get so busy? Is it technology, media, culture, greed?  We all talk about it and yearn for "it" a chance to be lazy.

My challenge to you is to embrace this little word. It has gotten a bad rap. Laziness allows the cob webs to clear and other ideas to emerge. Have a seat and see what happens. Maybe even make a regular habit of it.

Here is a little inspiration form a morning walk I took yesterday. This time of year in our area is one of the best.

                                                 Beat seated, take a load off. Breathe & enjoy.

These beauties are in my front yard.They have been one of my favorites since childhood.

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